Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another way to trigger deep attraction in her!

This technique is really effective, so that if you learn how to use it right, you're going to be more successful with women. A couple of years ago, if I saw a man applying it, I thought: "How can he believe, that that would work." And after I saw, what effects it had, I just stood and rationalize, how could that method have so good results.

After understanding how attraction works, I realized that it is one of the best methods to make her chasing you. So I began to use it and guess what.....


If she was disinterested in me and I put it in practice, she turned instantly into a interested and curious girl.
This method is called "Two steps forward, one step back" and it belongs to David DeAngelo.
It means, that you have to stop when things are working, in order to accelerate the process.

Maybe you will ask yourself: "Why should I do that?"

Because trough this technique you're advancing trough her boundaries and you're getting closer to success.

Why does it work?

It works, because of two factors, that are amplifying the attraction in a woman for a man:
    1. s$xual tension (she feels on the edge of the seat, she doesn't know if you like her or not)
    2. anticipation (she knows something exciting could happen and she is waiting for you to do that)

If you can help her experience these feelings, she will want you forever, begin to chase you and your success with women will increase dramatically.
So if you want to take control of this, then you have to stop, whenever you see, that she is enjoying something, so that she will want that so bad and this way she will feel more attracted to you. After a while, start doing it again and this concept of push/pull is very powerful and will keep the boredom away. All you have to do, is tease her and play hard to get, so that she will want you more and more.
Your attitude should be: "I'm in control of my feelings. I know that I can make a move and show you more, but I choose to wait for the moment. I'm going to keep you guessing."

There is a concept "the cat and the string", that is incorporating the technique "Two steps forward, one step back".
When you tie a feather to the string and move it trough the room, the cat begins to chase it and to see it as her only goal (to catch the feather), but if you put it on the ground, the cat will ignore it and get bored.

This theory is present in seduction too.
Think a little bit: If a man tells a girl, that he likes her and doesn't tease her at all, he just wants to please her, he gives away his power and the girl will walk away bored, because there's no uncertainty, no tension and no anticipation, so that the attraction decreases a lot, if she can't experience those feelings.

BUT IF YOU ARE A CHALLENGE, tease her correctly and play hard to get, you will become her single minded focus and she will begin to chase you.
A good idea of push/pull or "Two steps forward, one step back" is to let her believe, that she is winning you over and that you became her fan, and when she becomes sure about that, you have to push her away by displaying disinterest.
You can do this by using a disqualifier for instance: "If you had blond hair and blue eyes, I might be attracted to you." or trough negative body-language, by seeming bored.

Another examples for pushing her away:
    1. When you start to kiss, STOP, lean back and look at her with a sly smile and express with your body-language: "I know you want to kiss me".
    2. When you're holding her hand and you can realize that she likes it, STOP, take your hand away, talk about something else and then when she doesn't expect it, take her hand again.

You have to keep a balance and not seem too disinterested, because she will feel rejected and forget about you. Find a middle way, so that she will continue to like you and think about you.
You have to drop your role as a pursuer and become the one, who is pursued.

So don't push her away too much, pull her also in, when you feel, that she is trying to please you, because that way you won't lose the power. You can pull her in by qualifying her. For example if she tells you, that she likes a song, you can say: "You like this song. It seems, that you're not so bad..." and display some interest again.

Pulling means two steps forward, pushing means one step back. This push/pull/push/pull sequence makes you irresistible and she will crave your approval. With this technique you will escalate and advance trough her boundaries.
Use it and your success will increase dramatically, you will become a real man!