Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The secrets of attraction

 There is a secret, that so many men don't know and the lack of this knowledge is leading them to a unhappy, unfulfilled life. If you begin to master this concept, then you should be ready to party, because every girl will be all over you.

People think logically, but behave emotionally.
Women can be attracted by conveying them feelings, not trough logic, because they are emotional persons, who can change her opinion about you in seconds if you know how to push the right button, in order to have her chasing you.

Think about the following situation: If you’d want to get motivated to go to the gym, would you read a book or listen to the music, you like??
I’m sure, that your answer is: Listening to music clearly motivates you to take action.
So, multiply this ten times for a woman.

What can we understand from this situation?
I can draw a single conclusion: If you want to attract a woman or change her initial opinion about you, then you have to engage her on an emotional level.

These days, I discovered a huge thing. I thought at the times when I started reading pickup artist articles and why reading articles and books, without practicing didn’t bring me the desired success.
I reached the same conclusion: Reading books and articles and listening to dating coaches may improve your dating life, but only if you put into practice, because they can only stimulate your logical understanding of how to get a girl, but it does not change your emotional side.
Read the last part of the sentence again and try to remember what I said.

Follow my motto: Practice! Practice! Practice!
Nice guy vision of attracting a girl: He approaches her in a friendly way, takes her out on a drink, buys her gifts and everything she wants, asks her questions to keep the conversation going and she will love him, she will be all over him.
BAD NEWS!!!! This scenario doesn’t lead to attraction, it is the opposite of how a date should proceed.

Logic means boredom, boredom means death of the relationship!!!

I know that many times women are guilty for the logic that appears on a date, but you have the responsibility to keep it away from you two. Nice guys tend to respond in the same way and women get bored very quickly, they lose interest and blame men for the boring interaction.
Let’s see some examples:

She:  “You are really annoying!”
You:  “Do you know why? It’s because of you.” That leads to something negative, but we can avoid this.

She:  “You are really annoying!”
You:  “I’m totally breaking up with you. I will come over tomorrow to get my CD’s and for the breakup s$x.”
         “That’s it! You and I are getting a divorce. You couldn’t handle me in bed anyways.”

She:  “Don’t try to kiss me. It’s too soon!”
You:  “We know each other for a long time. I think it’s something natural for a couple to kiss.”

She:  “Don’t try to kiss me. It’s too soon!”
 The right tool here is to accuse her of wanting to sleep with you or wanting to s$duce you.

You: “You really want to s$duce me, but first you have to take me out for dinner. Women think that I’m a 
piece of meat, but I want to let you know, that I’m a sensible guy, that needs time in order to make that step.”

These are some ideas, but you can use your own versions. You only need the right mentality and beliefs and your success will go through the roof.


                            PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


  1. You can be yourself, but the best version of you. I don't say you should lie to her, I want to communicate to men the importance of flirting and being playful. Especially at the beginning, you should differentiate yourself from the wussies and that can't be done by being in rapport with her the whole time. Men tend to be in this phase and that's why I'm sure that if they try to attract the girls by flirting and teasing, I'm sure that they will sneak also normal things(because it's in their nature), in order to build trust and comfort. I try to plant seeds in men's brains, so that they know what attracts women so bad. I don't encourage anyone to learn pickup lines and be someone they're not, I only want men to have the right mentality and then they can use their own lines. If you think that flirting is a lie, you are wrong. I hope, I answered your question, because I'm not very sure what you mean trough "truth and lie".

  2. The real process of seduction is amping up the feelings of desire and arousal in a woman, to the point where she is practically begging you to take her into the bedroom so all this pent-up tension can be released.

  3. Of course, everyone knows that being "nice" is considered socially acceptable in the world. But, women do not choose a lover based upon how nice they may be - that's how they choose their friends.

  4. Guys are always trying to find strategies how to attract women.In recent years, men have believed that they should have big muscles and a lot of money in order to make women want them. See proof here.

  5. Since starting this journey, I have met many women, been on many dates and am currently dating 3 women and seeing whoever I like... my only complaint is I am also so tired all the time from having to 'service' all these bed is almost never empty. Thanks for this little secret.