Monday, February 13, 2012

10 ways to lose a girl


Every day men lose their girlfriend, because they don't know what  attitudes and behaviors to avoid. That's why many girls don't feel attraction for their boyfriends anymore and they find another man, who can keep them attracted.  You have to keep in mind that this game needs attraction and if you are ready to play it, you have to be able to flirt a lot, to be playful, to tease and to be a challenge for her.

Women like danger, mystery, challenge and uncertainty (not knowing what will happen). These are the most important reasons why you shouldn't act like a puppy dog and kiss up to them all the time. They will say often that they want a nice guy, ..., but their emotional brain is in contradiction with their logical brain.

Women love to experience deep feelings, but a nice guy can't trigger those with his behavior. That's why you have to stop to act this way, in order to bring tension in a relationship. This tension keeps any woman around a man and can make her even chase the man most of the times.

Here are ten ways to lose a girl fast:

                1. You tell her, that you like her too soon
                2. You want to talk about the relationship and ask her how she feels about you
                3. You call her too often and act needy
                4. You brag a lot when you see her
                5. Don't advance physically when it's time to
                6. Act jealous and over-possessive when she talks to other guys
                7. You want commitment too soon

                8. Act too nice, shy and antisocial to her or her friends
                9. Not being a leader and letting her to be the boss and to lead the relationship
              10. Building rapport too soon, without caring about the chemistry and tension(flirting, teasing)   

It is essential to avoid all those types of behavior and mentality and not to be afraid of losing her, because you will begin to act nice. This leads to a boring relationship and it means the end of the relationship.

What I want you to do from now on if you didn't experience good times with women, is to act the opposite, you acted normally.

If you are shy and don't speak with people, then go to a girl in your environment and talk to her one minute at first about anything you want to (you tell her a story, you ask her a question, I don't care, just talk with her) and if you succeed, you have to reward yourself with anything you like.

If this method doesn't work for you, then make a bet with your friend: If you don't talk with a specific woman for one minute, you lose 50$ (the price has to be high enough for you, in order to be motivated).

Try this and then tell me your story. I'm sure, that many of you will be very happy, because you have tried this method.

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  1. And seduction is the process by which a man goes about getting a piece. If you can't seduce a woman, you can't get her to sleep with you. It's as simple as that.