Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you believe in yourself?

Hey man! How have you been doing?
Did you apply all my advices or at least some of them?

If not, then that's why I am going to talk about my recent experience.

Did you know that little success brings more success in life? 
I experienced it and I am very sure that it does.For example, last week I approached a girl, asking her for directions. After that, she tried to maintain the conversation and then guess what... she gave me her number without me even asking for it. 

Do you know what the secret was?

Alternating between two phases: attraction and rapport. If you want to find out more about triggering attraction and building rapport, I wrote many articles and I recommend reading

Two days later, I called her, went to the club with her...first kiss, next time, I went out with her, went back home with her and......I can tell you, that we had some awesome times. 

Do you want to live this kind of experiences? 

Then, what stops you from having these results, is YOU, because you prefer to remain in the comfort zone and not practice at all.

I only have two questions for you:
                                 Do you want to learn seduction in 2 months?
                                 Do you believe, that you are able to learn or not? 

If you believe that you can, you will be able to learn, otherwise bad news: you won't.

This experience is the effect of my wishes, positive thoughts and practicing. 
Maybe you want a long-term relationship or maybe you want to find a wife, then all you have to do, is to believe in yourself, that you can succeed and also ask for what you want, go out there and get it.
I’m tired of excuses, not only others excuses, but also mine. I became able to recognize when I look for excuses and I am trying hard to get rid of them and to avoid them, because they are stopping everybody from living the desired life.

I learned that a good way of influencing yourself to do something is to reward yourself big time whenever you do something that you propose or to forbid yourself a pleasure (playing games or whatever hobby or pleasure you have) until you have done your job. I tried this method recently and it worked for me and I suggest that you should try it too and see if it has effect on you.

You have to understand that everything lies in your mindset and beliefs. If you believe in yourself, that you can succeed in life, you will, otherwise you will live a modest life.

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