Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to lose a woman very fast

This situation happens to the majority of men, who are used to repulse women and to mess up a relationship, that could have been healthy and fun, if they would have known what mistakes and bad behaviors to avoid. Even though I already wrote the article 10 ways to lose a girl, I wanted to explain this subject better.

Many men want to be unique and special in her eyes and do all kind of things, but in their desire of being better, they end up behaving the same like all the other wussies, who are predictable and also give their power away.
These are the common two mistakes, that come across again and again, so that men lose their girl, without even realizing where they were wrong.

You have to understand that by making these two mistakes, you shoot yourself in the foot, because predictable means boring, boring means no feelings, no feelings means no attraction and no attraction leads to losing the girl and the power and not accomplishing your goals with women.

It is so sad to see men how they make the same mistakes repeatedly and they can't figure out how to act, in order to have the desired success.

So this is why you are going to find out what thoughts to avoid, so that you don't lose your power anymore and don't seem like an insecure, weak man to her anymore:

1. Calling Her All The Time

By calling her all the time, you don't give her the gift of missing you and you're going to be seen as a wuss, who is insecure and needy. Maybe it sounds like a good idea, but it almost never is.

2. Giving Her Gifts From The Beginning

This idea also sounds interesting for many men, because this society has taught people so many wrong things, so that it is really understandable why guys think this is a good thing.

But it's really not, because you're losing all your power. You convey that you have to compensate through something, because your character is not worth for her, so that you lose also your value.
If she doesn't sees your high value anymore, then you end up in the best case in the friend-zone.

This behavior also conveys that you need her approval and attention and it's a turn-off for the girls. This can be seen as a manipulative behavior, not as a fine gesture.

3. Telling Her That You Like Her Too Early

This is another turn-off, because as you hopefully know, women like uncertainty, mystery, anticipation, not knowing what will happen, so that if you tell her too early that you like her or you love her, then you're giving your power on a golden plate away.

I know that maybe the chemistry is very high and maybe you think that she feels the same way and that you have to let her know, but besides losing your power, maybe she doesn't want to commit and get involved so soon, so that she feels repulsed by this attitude.

Let her struggle to figure out if you like her or not, so that she'll think a lot about you.

Guys use to make even bigger mistakes a lot of times. They keep telling the girl how they feel and hopefully she will like or love them back.

Wrong!!!  Attraction doesn't happen this way. The dating coach David DeAngelo is describing this in a very suggestive way: "Attraction isn't a choice!". He is really right, because you can't convince somebody to love you through logic and by telling them how you feel about them and how they should feel about you. It happens unconciously, without even realizing many times why.

And when a woman is really attracted to you, then nothing will stop her from being with you, neither her parents or society.

You have to learn how to trigger attraction and you can find some great advices in the articles Ways to flirt with a girl and Secrets of attraction.

4. Take Her Somewhere Nice

By taking her somewhere nice, you show her that you like her and that you're like all the other guys, who are trying to win her attention and approval.

In order to appreciate something, you have to work for it. If you don't have to work to gain it and it is given to you really easy, without putting any effort into it, then it is not valuable for you and many times you don't need it. This principle applies also in dating, where you have to think that she is not a goddess for you and that you have many options to choose from. You don't need her validation, because you have a high value and you know that you can accomplish anything you want to. This are the thoughts that you should have, in order to attract her.

So if you want to go out with her, then be different than others. Don't take her to expensive restaurants or places, where you have to pay a lot of money. You can take a walk with her, you can go have a drink with her, you can go rollerblading in the park, you can do whatever you like doing with your best friends.

In conclusion, don't try to convince a woman to commit to the relationship and don't tell her too soon how you feel about her. Logic means boredom and boredom leads to an unhealthy relationship or even to breakup. That's why you have to be a real man and attract her through your positive attitude.

Have a great day and don't forget: Practice! Practice! Practice!

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