Monday, August 20, 2012

Your results are the mirror of your ego

Our belief system is so important in our development, but unfortunately many guys don't realize this. They have such a negative opinion about them, because they don't see results or they get rejected, so that their self-esteem is lowering very fast.

There are the following reasons, that stop men from getting the desired success:

1. There are many men, who want to improve their situation with women and they read everything they can find about dating. Many are reading just parts from each dating coach and then they seek other material, without even finishing the material they started. They are so eager to find out the best information, so that they read different styles from different dating gurus, without even trying something out. 
They want to know all of it, they want everything to be perfect or they are afraid of rejection or so many other reasons.

They read and read and read and then they expect to have results without doing anything.
You can wait as long as you want for the perfect situation or for the perfect girl or for the stars to get in the same line.

2. There are also men, who complain all the time about their life (that they are too fat, too ugly, too poor, too old and so on).

If you don't like yourself, then neither a woman can like you or love you.

Your negative thoughts about yourself are mirrored in your behavior and body-language and because women are ten times better at reading body-language, they know what your beliefs are and can't become attracted to you.

3. There is another category of men, who had an awful past and they can't break with the past.

4. There are other men, who care so much about others opinion. People are jealous and don’t want you to be happier then them and that’s why they are going to be an obstacle in your way to success. Many so called friends won’t believed in your powers, they will say that you have to have “it” in your blood, in order to be good at “it”. They are going to try to convince you to be at the same level with them, to live a mediocre life, because they can’t stand to see you succeed. They are not capable of doing anything and this is the reason why they don’t believe in you.

If you belong to one of these categories, then ... YOU HAVE TO CHANGE!!!

Don't believe that it is too late or that something is stopping you.
The only thing that is stopping you is your mind.
Don’t care about their opinions! Show them who you are and that you can have any woman you want!

But what is really upsetting me is that I know that 90% of the ones who read this article and who have problems, won't change. They will read this article, maybe they will like it or not and then just forget about everything I said.

You see so many examples of successful people every day.

Do you think that destiny brought them success? Then you are so wrong!

They are people like you, who sacrificed for success. They suffered and made mistakes to get successful. They learned, applied and modified to their own style.

You can do it too, if you want to!!! You should demonstrate yourself that you can succeed.

Reading is nice!!

I like to read too, but not applying what you read makes reading unnecessary. Or maybe you want to relax and that's why you read so much about dating. Then there is nothing wrong.
Keep reading!

BUT if you want success, then don't find excuses anymore and go out and apply that theory you have learned.

Don't expect to go out without any experience and have three women fighting for you. You will have to be patient and practice a lot.

But if you want to be fulfilled, then work and test anything, until you see results.

So, it's your decision that will change your life. I wrote many articles about attracting women, but you should read them, after going out and making 5 approaches. Enough with reading at the moment.
Make a feedback about your results and then you can read and apply further.

You have to be confident and believe that it will work, because otherwise you can try all the techniques in the world and you won't see any results.

Forget all about your past or what is stopping you from trying.

Your time has come to show what you're capable of.

I wish you all the best and I want to know how you did.


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