Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to disarm a woman's bitch shield

As you know, many women raise their bitch shield, in order to get rid of a men. Because they are approached very often, they have to filter men and to find the one, who can trigger deep attraction in them.

The problem with most of the guys is that they are affected by these behaviors and they ran with the tail between their legs. This attitude doesn't attract women, because it shows weakness and insecurity.
This is the reason why you have to stand out from other guys and show that you are different.
And when you encounter such a situation, you have to remain in your own reality, the reality where you are a confident, important man, who beliefs in his powers.

Don't become aggressive and yell at her or don't run away from her.

Here are some lines to respond to her if she is being a bitch:

1. This is your way of flirting with me. I knew I am charming, but I didn't know I could have instantly such an powerful effect on you.
2. You seem tough. I want to hire you as my bodyguard, but only if you're really this way and not just acting like this, in order to seduce me.
3. You are so cute, when you are trying to seem like a bitch, but this role doesn't suit you. You
have to find another one, in order to seduce me and get me into bed.

Show this also in your attitude, that you are unaffected and that you have higher value than her.
She will be intrigued by this if you keep calm and indifferent to what she is saying. Look at her as she is a little girl or your sister and talk to her this way.

Women usually raise their bitch-shield when they see you as a man with low value.
In order to show that you have high value, you have to tease her and disqualify her and not acting like a puppy dog around her.

Another way is to flirt with every woman around the one who wants to seem a bitch and have fun with them, because girls can become jealous in these situations and they see that you have value and they will want to spend time with you and get to know you.

This is a powerful way to show women how great you are, because by seeing you with other women, they suppose that you have to be very attractive, if so many women want to talk to you and to be around you.

So, ignore their negative behavior, make fun of it, tease them, show them that you have value and they will want you in their life.

And don't forget: Practice! Practice! Practice!

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  1. Also, while talking to a bitch, never get into an argument or shout, just be aware that you’re in control. If she smiles, you win!